Crystal healing 

Since the beginning of time people have been turning to crystals, the treasures of Mother Earth. In the Modern world these potent stones hold great power. Born from the ancient rumblings and rattling of our beautiful earth, seeded by stardust from the dawn of time, crystals are magic filled tools that are easy to add into your daily life.


Founder's story

We are 3 sisters from the Netherlands that started our spiritual journey separately. As we noticed that time ticks on in daily life, crystals only grow more potent and are of great value for helping us reconnect to the natural world. They help us channel intentions, raise our vibrations and bring out that grace and beauty that already exists within. With our love for crystals we wanted to make them into jewellery. And that's how Makara Jewellery was born. 


Making of Makara 

The creation of makara jewellery starts with designs made by us which are discussed with our craftsmen in Asia to ensure the creation of refined jewellery. Our designs are inspired by the ancient beauty of nature and will awaken the indigenous magic that runs deep within your being. After the creation of the jewellery it is ready to be sent your way with eco-friendly packaging. We Makara think about Mother Earth and try to be as eco-friendly as we can be.