Makara Wholesale

Welcome to the official page of Makara Retail. 

Reading this page means we have selected your store to sell our makara items.
We are excited for our further collaboration and look forward to grow together.

Please note that it is not allowed to sell our Makara items under a different brand name.

You can sign up for our B2B shop through the following link: MAKARA-B2B
*Please do not share this link with other retailers. We carefully select online and offline stores for participation. Orders are not automatically accepted. We check the order and the person placing the order before confirming.  


Special offer

We've partnered with a wholesale platform to sell our retail products. New clients receive 1 year free of shipping and get €300 discount.*

*Now until March 11, 2022, all new retailers who sign up using our Faire Direct link and place their first order will receive €300 off. To receive the discount your email should not been registed before at Faire.

Discount only works by signing up through the following link: MAKARA-B2B




For further information:

  • Retail terms&conditions
  • Retail catalog 2022